Getting Started on your New Build or Renovation

Whether you're building from scratch, or renovating an existing home, there are ultimately two pathways to getting your construction underway. 


1. Complying Development

2. Development Approval (DA)/ Council Approval

Complying Development is the fastest and simplest pathway, however, not all sites have this choice. Creative Pursuits can help you determine which pathway is suitable for you and your building project/site.

The first step is usually to obtain a Section 149 Certificate from your local council. This will typically detail any details that are specific to your site including, (i) the planning instruments and development control plans that are relevant to your site, (ii) any other development controls that are applicable to your site (such as bushfire/ flood etc), and (iii) will generally tell you whether you can choose the Complying Development Pathway, or whether you'll need to apply through Council for Development Approval (DA).

Complying Development

Click here to go to the NSW Government Planning Portal for more information about Complying Development and lodging a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

There is also an eModule that is now available as an education tool to help people under more about Complying Development.