The project involved adding a parents retreat above the existing single-storey Californian bungalow. The owners were keen to maintain the traditional look of the front facade. A key challenge was the 'flame zone' bushfire zoning of the site, which involved specifiying non-combustible materials and upgrading parts of the existing dwelling to meet RFS (NSW Rural Fire Service) requirements.

An old brick semi-detached was to be given a major facelift, just short of a complete knock-down and re-build as only the front two rooms would remain.

The key considerations were making best use of a small building envelope, maximising passive solar design preventing from the North facing orientation, maintaining the traditional look of the front facade from the street.

This single-storey extension involved taking advantage of the larger block and backyard to add new, spacious living spaces at the rear of the property, while reconfiguring the existing house to maximise space while keeping costs down.  



21  /  02  /  2018

Creative Pursuits received another review from a client in Victoria


09  /  02  /  2018

We were pleased to receive a great review from our client in Northbridge

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Our new website is up and running